Best California Fishing
5 Steelhead Court
Shelter Cove, CA


Viktor is a very nice man, good sense of humor, and a fishing fanatic.  He cuddles you, wraps you in a warm blanket by the fire when you get sick.  His home has one of the best water views near the ocean, many beds to rest on, and it’s a warm beautiful home.  And his boat can launch for free even when the tractor isn’t running,  it’s a self-launcher  on wheels, 17 ft. welded aluminum filled with foam so you can’t sink.
Shelter Cove, 10/2012
Been fishing with Vik many times.  He is the best small craft rough weather captain around, and knows how to fish.  If you want to catch fish safely go with Vik.  He also has some hilarious rough water fishing stories if you get him talking. Let’s get out soon!
Jose, Bay Area,       July 2013

I’m very susceptible to see sickness, but I like fishing. And the only person whom I enjoy fishing is Viktor.
Hi is very caring, very knowledgeable fisherman, mentor, companion. That’s very important part of the any
trip to the ocean. Even you return without the catch ( things happen) – you are happy just because you spent time with


Greg Shirin, PhD,
San Jose, CA, 4/2/2013

A place away from it all… Where the beauty of nature meats elegance and comforts of city life. Where you can see the ocean right from the windows of Viktor’s house and be welcomed to this priceless corner of the world by one of the most unusual and warm-hearted host. Whether your interests are in fishing, hiking or just relaxing on the remote beach, Shelter Cove is your perfect destination. I have been there many times and every time have came back with many new wonderful memories. Weather you have only one day or a whole week, coming to Shelter Cover will be vacation of your life.
Alex Sobolev,
Columbus, OHIO, 2/2013


I have had the good fortune of fishing with Viktor for the last 2  summers including a self-guided fishing trip to Alaska in 2012. Good times were had by all and many limits were harvested both salmon and bottom fish. Viktor knows all the “honey holes” in and around the Shelter Cove  waters, as well as the tackle needed to produce fish. I am looking forward to fishing with Viktor again this summer.
Thx Viktor!
Mike Winter,  Shelter Cove, California, 11/2012


Awesome! Outstanding! Incredible! Unbelievable! are just some of the words I use to describe what fishing is like at Shelter Cove. This place is the fisherman’s dream, I’ve caught all sorts of nice quality size rockfish, Dungeness crabs, numerous salmon and even a large octopus. You really don’t need to venture very far to get your limits, most of my catch were just a few miles away from the launch. Great for families and friends and for those have never fished before. The fishing is abundant with wildlife and one of the best kept secrets in my opinion. I can’t thank Viktor Polonsky enough for the great experience and hospitality he has provided at Shelter Cove and I find myself coming back time and time again.  Viktor’s house is located just minutes away from the launch. It is a beautiful 2 story house that he had built near a cliff with a panoramic view of the ocean. His Gregor boat is amphibious and it’s ideal for this area in which you can self-launch from the beach and not have to wait or rely on someone to pull you back in. I highly recommend experiencing Shelter Cove. You’re going to enjoy the fast action fishing and the incredible sceneries on the water and on the land.
Juhn Milan, Hercules, CA,  4/2013


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